Personal Security

Personal security is an important factor in everyday life.

Do you worry about your child walking to school? Do you have an elderly parent that is looking to maintain some independence but from time to time gets a little confused? Do you have a son or daughter attending college or university and are concerned for their safety on campus? Do you have a friend or family member with special needs?

A personal GPS tracking unit equipped with a panic button might be the perfect peace-of-mind solution.

  • Our small and cost effective unit fits easily into a pocket or can be attached to a belt or bag.
  • Information on the unit, such as location and speed of travel can be viewed from any computer or smartphone.
  • Recieve notifications by email or SMS text, so you are able to respond quickly if an emergency happens.
  • Receive notifications if the wearer arrives or leaves a destination (set by you) such as a home, school, or shopping mall.
  • Receive notifications if the tracker detects excessive speed, such as your child entering into a vehicle.

This security tool can provide you with consistent peace-of-mind in knowing that your loved ones are safe and only the push of a button away from help in an emergency.